Adult Fellowship

Adult Fellowship

Young Adults ClassGBF has four adult classes that meet from 9:30-10:40 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

Adult Class
This class is a time of fellowship which includes prayer and interactive Bible study. Currently we are taking a trek through the book of Revelation. Adults of all ages are welcome.  For questions, contact Sam Kim at

College and Young Professionals
This class is targeted for college, post-college and young career adults. We engage in fellowship and prayer, followed by a time of Bible study and discussion groups. We are currently studying what the Bible says about romantic relationships. For questions, contact Derek Brown at 

Young Married Couples
Young married couples are in a unique season of life. Two are becoming one which ushers in a number of stresses ranging from the everyday practical issues of home life to spiritual disciplines and more. This interactive class teaches relevant topics from a biblical perspective. We desire to get to know each other personally, creating deep and foundational friendships.

Young Couples with Children 
Children are a blessing from the Lord. But not long after a couple has their first child they discover that time, money, flexibility, and other things begin to evaporate. This season of life brings tremendous blessing from God and a unique set of challenges to address for husbands, wives, and now parents. In this class we seek God’s Word for direction, pull from each other's experiences, and encourage one another in our daily trials. Please join us. For questions, contact Bob Douglas at