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God Defines and Defends Marriage

Here in America, prior to the Supreme Court’s ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015, marriage had been defined as the union of one man and one woman. America did not create that definition; nor did any country or individual craft that definition. Secular anthropologists and sociologists attempt to explain the phenomenon of marriage by arguing that it is an ...

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God Defines Marriage

“The Fourteenth Amendment requires States to recognize same-sex marriages.” So wrote Justice Anthony Kennedy of the U. S. Supreme Court in his edict issued by fiat on June 26, 2015. Judge Kennedy, along with four other judges, has attempted to tell the American people, and the world, that the U. S. Constitution clearly states that marriage is between two people...

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Where Does Faith Come From? | Reflections on Romans 10:17

What does the unbeliever need to be saved? He needs faith! But what is the origin of faith? The answer to this question is part of the nexus that sets biblical apologetics categorically apart from traditional apologetics. Traditional Christian apologists would agree that unbelievers need faith. But they understand the nature of faith differently than just explained above....

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The Pastor's Study | Caring for the Conscience

In the fourteenth chapter of his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul provides his readers with several vital principles to help them navigate gray areas—matters that the Scriptures do not directly address. Questions about holidays, movies, entertainment, and even some specifics of church life can often burden Christians because they seem to preclude clear, straigh...

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The Pastor's Study | Thoughts on Suffering and Our View of God

I grew up on Gilligan’s Island back in the Stone Age (the 1970’s) when all we had were four TV channels to watch. No DVD’s; no YouTube; no Direct TV. No choices—you watched what was programmed. On one of those channels was the comedy, Gilligan’s Island. Everyone in America at the time watched it and was familiar with it. There was the main c...

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