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Hope HousePurpose for Grace Bible Fellowship Mission Trip
In the summer of 2012 Grace Bible Fellowship of Silicon Valley (GBF) visited the orphanage ministry called Hope House near the city of Guadalajara in Mexico. We made this preliminary visit in order to explore missionary opportunities abroad where GBF could invest resources and expand its ministry outreach. Ten members of GBF went for five days to minister to the boys of Hope House and to teach them sports such as Extreme Frisbee, basketball, and hockey.

The elders of GBF saw a good fit in partnering with Hope House, mainly because the primary focus of Hope House is the spiritual well-being of the boys. In addition, the staff tries to address the physical and mental health needs of the boys, which, due to the severe and prolonged abuse some have endured, can be significant. Meeting the boys' spiritual, physical, and emotional needs can often be a challenge, and Hope House leadership needs our ongoing prayers and support.

What is Hope House?
Hope House was established to address the void in the foster care of Mexico in the local area of Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos. The state-run orphanages care for children only until the age of eleven, at which time they are released to the street or private foster homes.

Most of the private foster homes or "casas de hogar" care for children only to the age of thirteen. Hope House cares for boys from age six to age eighteen. This fills the gap into which so many of the abused and abandoned boys of Mexico fall when both the state and other foster homes are unable to care for them.  When the state or other foster homes are unable to care for these boys, they must resort to living on the streets.

The goal and mission of Hope House is to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, and psychological needs of the boys. Hope House supplies the biblical teaching, fostering, and guidance necessary to grow these boys into biblically-knowledgeable, Christ-centered young men. Providing their food, housing, clothes, education, and caring for their mental health needs enables the staff to teach them about the Word of God and give them the spiritual education they would not have otherwise.

Hope House is a non-profit organization. It is fully funded by donations and receives no monetary assistance from the government of Mexico. Hope House works with the governmental social services organizations to receive boys who have been abandoned, removed from their homes due to abuse, drugs, or neglect, or have been turned over to the state when the parents have no means of caring for the child any longer.

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