Weekly Fellowship Groups

Bible Psalm 119

Sunnyvale Fellowship Group - This Bible study meets every other week at 7:30pm on Friday evenings at the Lam residence. Peter Lam currently leads this home group, which consists of a demographically diverse group of individuals from different age groups and life stages. The study is open for anyone of any age or affinity group to attend.  Peter is leading the group through a study of the book of Colossians. There is no particular curriculum used aside from the Bible itself; each week, Peter prepares the group with an e-mail reviewing the previous lesson and reading assignments and questions in preparation for the next lesson.  Currently, this group is on summer break and the studies will start back up on Sept 7.

San Jose Fellowship Group: This Fellowship Group meets bi-weekly at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evenings at Alex and Rachel Lam’s house. JR Cuevas will be temporarily leading the study in the Fall quarter, while Patrick Tsai is currently the administrator for the group. This group currently consists of young families but is open to anyone to attend. Currently on break for the summer, meetings will start back up in September. The topic of study is ‘The Christian’s Call to Self-Examination.'

Peninsula Fellowship Group-Menlo Park: The Peninsula Fellowship Group meets every other week on Fridays at 6pm in Menlo Park.  Kijoon Lee, Armen Boldi, and Kevin Chien are currently leading this group through the Gospel of Mark.  We share a meal together and then we alternate between studying the Word together or meeting in groups to discuss the application of the previous study, pray, and hold each other accountable. We'll be kicking off our Fall season on Friday, September 7th.

Milpitas Fellowship Group: [On Summer Break, returning in mid-September 2018]  The Milpitas Fellowship Group meets bi-weekly at 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings at the Salinas’ residence. Mark Regan currently leads this home group, which consists of a demographically diverse group of individuals from different age groups and life stages. Currently, Mark is leading the group through a study of The One True God by Paul Washer which is focused on the doctrine of God and His attributes, the study is followed by a short time in corporate prayer.

Women’s Fellowship Group - Milpitas: This Women’s Fellowship Group is a Precept Bible Study that meets weekly at 6:50pm on Monday evenings at Park Victoria Baptist Church in Milpitas. Donna Facha is currently leading this study. The group consists mainly of older women, though all women are welcome to attend.  The expectation is those who attend are committed to working through the curriculum and doing the necessary homework.  The next study will be on the book of Joshua, using the Precepts Bible Study Workbook curriculum, starting October 1st. Each week, as a preparation for the study, individuals are given 2-3 hours of homework on a particular passage in which they have to personally exegete the passage using various hermeneutical tools. After studying the passage together, the group gets together for prayer.

Women’s Fellowship Group – Sunnyvale: This Sunnyvale Women’s Fellowship Group Study meets every other week from 10:30am-12:00pm on Tuesday mornings at church. Angela Wismer will lead the group through a study of the book “James – A Life of Genuine Faith” by Jen Wilkin in the fall.  The first meeting is set for Sept 11.  Childcare will be provided.

Women's Fellowship Group - Sunnyvale: The Sunnyvale Precept Women's Bible study meets on Thursday nights at 7:00pm. Currently, this group is on summer break but will start up on Sept 6.  The material will be on the Minor Prophets.  Jane Schindler is co-leading the study which is a Precept Upon Precept (PUP) course which entails approximately five hours of homework per week.  With the weekly meeting, there is a one-hour discussion of the homework and an approximate one-hour sharing of fellowship with praises and prayer requests.

Grace Campus Ministries - Palo Alto [on break until September 25]: Grace Campus Ministries is a Fellowship Group for Stanford students. We meet on Tuesday nights on Stanford Campus from 7:30pm-9:00pm in Room 370 in building 370. We share some good food, prayer, teaching, and worship through song. This year we will be studying the Wisdom literature of the Old Testament. 

Young Professionals Mid-Week Fellowship - Our young professionals mid-week fellowship meets at a home in South San Jose from 7:30pm-9:00pm for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. They are currently reading Sinclair Ferguson's book, Devoted to God in our study of sanctification. Please contact Derek Brown (dbrown@gbfsv.org) for more information. 

Each Weekly Fellowship Group has a time of fellowship, study, and prayer. The Fellowship Group teachers are godly leaders who are overseen by the staff. For more information, please contact J. R. Cuevas at jrcuevas@gbfsv.org.